Grout Application Tips

Slight shade variations can occur in different batches of grout. Make sure when using multiple bags to dry mix all of the grout powder prior to adding water.

Grout color swatches are approximate guides to grout color. The color and texture of the finished grout depends on a number of factors, including installation technique, water-to-mix ratio, lighting, and the type of tile being installed. You may want to preview the final grout color by mixing a small sample and allowing it to dry, prior to grouting the entire installation.

Mix the grout as stiff as possible without losing workability. Spread and pack the grout fully into the joints. 

Clean tile promptly after installation. Do not let the grout dry completely on the surface. Keep in mind that the time to cleaning can vary depending on conditions such as temperature, humidity, and how porous the tile is. Use a damp sponge to clean up the grout, but be careful not to use too much water during the cleaning process. Using too much water can wash out the pigments from the grout and a lighter shade can result.

Control environmental factors as much as possible and be consistent in installation and cleaning technique for the best results.